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Win An Award

To win an award you must meet the requirements under each one. Don't just take them because I keep a record of who I give one too. Just email me at patamon_princess@yahoo.com (include the word Digimon or Takari in the subject line) with your name, site name, site URL, which award you would like, and if you want, a little bit about your site.

The TK/Kari Award

To win The TK/Kari Award:
*Have a Takari related site
*Good layout
*Nothing supporting Davis & Kari
*No hentai
*Easy to navigate through
*Link back to my site

Winners of The TK/Kari Award:
Kari and Sora's Webpage
The Stealth Photographer's Site
Takari 4 Ever
Takari Temple

The Patamon/Gatomon Award

To win The Patamon/Gatomon Award:
*Digimon related
*Nothing supporting Davis & Kari
*Nice layout
*Easy to navigate through
*No hentai
*Link back to my site

Winners of The Patamon/Gatomon Award:
DigiPort One
All About Tachikawa
Code Mimi

Patamon's Award

To win Patamon's Award:
*Have a TK and/or Patamon shrine
*Good layout
*No hentai
*Easy to get through
*Link back to my site

Winners of Patamon's Award:
Arrow of Hope
DigiPort One

It's really easy to win an award. Exceptions can be made.
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